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Mwarv is a friend and I enjoy to shoot with him regularly. So when it came to his time to be in front of the lens I was honored to be shooting it. There might have been tiny weeny little once of pressure :-), seeing that he is a fellow photographer.

And so on the morning of the shoot, I met up with Katts of Jemedari media, another fabulous team to work with, they shoot video. I was all panicky in the morning, stressing over small things like if i had carried the right lens, batteries were charged, blah blah this blah that..(that tiny little pressure was biting). We got to Mwarv’s and he was more relaxed than I was, and he was the one getting married. So after that we picked Kanyingi part of the Jemedari team, we headed out to the bride’s place. Now our transport means – “Optimus” decided to vent a few of his frustrations and we had a few stops overs to convince him, it was a worthy cause we were heading to.


Finally we land at the bride’s and I meet my friend  and fellow photog Osborne Macharia. So I walk in and I meet his assistant Victor Ndalo holding this huge *** octabox (photography light modifier contraption for those that technical lingua might confuse :-) ) Then I meet his other assistant holding a separate light. Now at this point to say that I did not feel intimidated would be a great lie. I was just holding my camera with my 50mm lens. (layman language I felt like i was holding a point and shoot camera). So after I went to the bathroom and gave myself a pep talk went up to shoot.

Then it was time to head to the ceremony. We of course had a small commercial break…


Yes Optimus needed re convincing, so Nyingez had a talk with him and we were good to go.


The ceremony was at some gardens in Karen, beautiful place. ( I know i should get the name, but I always forget, its right opposite the new Hemingways hotel in Karen). There was a battalion of photographers waiting, so I decided to go on long lens and just be invisible or so I hoped. The ceremony was a garden wedding under a tree led by Pastor Linda Achola. All ran smoothly, the vows were great, I couldn’t do justice if I tried to explain. Soon after the ceremony we headed to photo session, which was by the roadside. Once again my self esteem and confidence was put to test, it was a spectator sport at this point, hehe, but it was all good it was Mr Macharia time in the light. We sat back and ate popcorns/bananas by the roadside at this point :-).

So without much further ado here are the rest of the images from the wedding


Also have a look at what Mr Osborne (the don) got


It was an honor to shoot Gina and Mwarv’s wedding.


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  1. Im super proud of Alex….. i went to colle with him and know him so well. He sure has remained the God fearing man that he always has been. May God bless his marriage .

  2. Awesome Allan, good job

  3. Your fears were unfounded, beautiful work Allan. Truly!

  4. David Mutua

    Well in Allan. You shot In true documentary fashion, I like!! Now we await for Mwarv to shoot Yours :-)

  5. Great Job Allan! waiting to shoot yours

  6. Sonje R.

    Great work Allan.

  7. El Likuyani

    I love this job

  8. nice for some reason i feel like i need to see more of the photos…

  9. Never seen a happier bride, nice pics too.

  10. Atieno Ochola

    Awesome work man!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Those pics looks amazing.Thank you

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