Grace and Jerry

I got a referral from my colleague and friend Mwarv, regarding this wedding. Then I had a chat with the wedding planner, Alice who was great, I also found out she is sister to a friend of mine Suzie. Such a small world, everyone is interconnected. She told me what the couple had in mind.

Finally I got to meet the bride, Grace. The location for the wedding was museum, this already send tingles of excitement down my spine. Then as we walked round I got to learn the Grace was an environmentalist and so didn’t want tents and stuff ¬†we would be one with nature.:-) Anything that is away from the usual gets me very excited to shoot. Plus everything was in one location!, that just kills the hussle of travel back and forth.

I was looking forward to shooting it, my second shooter was the lovely Gathoni, who did a wonderful job :-). you can check out her stuff at . She came with her lights that I got a chance to use and I am now in love with them. So currently I am looking for bidders to buy my kidneys so that I can get the lights :-).

The wedding went well, Grace and Jerry were great to work with, we had a blast. So here is a summary of how Grace and Jerry’s wedding went. Leave me your feedback

Warm Regards,

Allan G.


  1. Ciiru says:

    these pics are awesome! good job Isa & Malindi

  2. WANJA says:

    i like ….you allan will definately be contracted to do my photography

  3. Love the shots with stone carvings…very unique

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  5. Victor says:

    Grace and Jerry are great friends, i attended their wedding, these photos bring the memories back of a great day. The photos are awesome!

  6. Grace Neema Mutemi says:

    Allan and Gathoni, Best collabo ever! You guys made part of the success, I totally recommend you Allan G. to anyone who wants to keep the memoirs for a lifetime.

    • Allan G. says:

      Thank you Grace, I am very humbled by your comment. Asante sana!! All this was made possible by you guys

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