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Now Tush as she popularly known ,we  go way back into time, from campus days. I remember taking pix of her when she was expecting Pendo. Now Pendo is all grown up. They really grow up fast, or I am just getting old.

So I was more than thrilled when Tush got in touch to do her wedding. We had an engagement shoot to warm us up, then came the d day. It was an early start, I think the service was starting at 8 or something like that. So the preparations were quick and timely. In fact I was very impressed at how we kept time. The ceremony went well, and it was good to see familiar faces in the audience.

The photo shoot was at Karen Blixen, which is pretty cool. We snuck into the lounge area and shot there, which apparently is not supposed to be  the case, but they were gracious enough. Then soon after that we were back at reception. There was the usual dancing and singing, then we went into speech. Of course at this point is where I normally go to look for food, which I did. As I was just sitting down to enjoy the meal and wonder what the speech was about or if anyone was listening, I heard, ok let the couple come cut the cake.

The cake lady didn’t go into all that exciting talk of how cakes are made and that the flour is used for X while this is for that. (I use the term exciting very loosely). Soon after the cake was cut and the bouquet thrown, the wedding was over, this was by 3pm! A lot of us were caught unaware, I mean what were we going to do with all the complain statements that  we usually have, ‘this wedding has dragged too long’, ‘oh that speech..blah blah’ and so on. Plus this is the time I use to have ‘discussions’ with the bridesmaids or other ahem.. guests.

So the guests that waltz in fashionably late had a rude shock :-), All in all it was an exciting wedding that I was honored to have shot. Anyway enough of my yapping, here are the images from that day.

Second shooter: Julian Njoroge (Julian if you get to read this, get a bloody blog/site something!)




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  1. Kazi poa sana. I like the couple shots the best :)

  2. The photo of the bouquet toss classic. I love the way these photos have a sense of elegance.

  3. Hey Allan. Thank you so much for the lovely photos, we love them. Thank you for giving us such great memories to look back at and sharing our day.☆★☆★☆

  4. rly beautiful..i like

  5. This is awesomely out of this world….. Good work right here!!!!

  6. Who’s that girl??!!
    Looking soooooooo fab darl.
    Good job Allan

  7. pic 15, photographers live for pictures like these, mad skills !

  8. Awesome photographer…photogenic people (no i am not biased!!) 😉 i love! good job allan.

  9. Julian Manjahi

    Haha, Allan! acha hizo. The site is in the making… 😀

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