This wedding was one of my best this year. Absolutely brilliant. The location is Enashipai in Naivasha, which I must say is absolutely fantastic, very well kept and beautiful, with beautiful gardens. Along the way we stopped over several places to do a few photos, a sort of prelude or engagement shoot of sorts.

Now a bit background info, Shiku is a wedding planner, so I knew my game had to be up there, for much was expected. I was the second shooter to Kevin Ouma(main photographer) and we were alongside Jemedari media, absolutely brilliant team of video guys. The next day everything went according to plan and I was on the grooms side as he got ready. I decided to try some stuff that I got inspiration from a photographer I saw online called Dotun, his work was jaw dropping.

The setup was amazing, actually very unique not something I have come across before, for a garden wedding. The weather was also in our favour and really had a good time at this wedding. The couple had great initiative and were very natural.
Congratulations to Chris & Shiku, humbled and honoured to have been part of the crew to capture your special day.



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  1. Yvonne Machira 

    The layout and content!) is fantastic, the architecture as it were is well thought out and you’ve anticipated every browser’s move well in advance. Well in!

    • Allan G. 

      asante sana, I was wowed by the venue, the planning. The couple were so cool sigh, if all weddings were like this πŸ™‚

    • Allan G. 

      Hey Lilian, Many thanks, Sure you can have my contacts it’s me[at], drop me a line and I can give you my mobile number

  2. Norah 

    Hey Allan, you say the bride is a planner?, does she have a website? or could you get me her contacts? Amazing work here! can’t wait for mine πŸ™‚