This was another great wedding that we did with the ever so talented Mwarv of So after meeting the couple they were very easy going and gave us full creative freedom. They live in the US and had flown in to have their wedding, and they wanted to have something different. In fact I feel like we didn’t maximise it hehe. But it was great. So I was on the groom side and this is how the day went by through my eye.

I was able to convince them at the end of the day, to dip their feet into a pond, which they were happy to oblige. This water inspiration I must say came from Amunga, who got a couple to jump into the pool, in their full attire  on their wedding day 🙂

Leave me your feedback on your thoughts suggestions and so on.

You can check out Mwarv’s photo’s of the wedding at

Much Appreciated


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