Nancy got in touch with me, having been referred to by a good friend Lee. So we met up and had a chat about what it is that they were hoping to get. It also helped that I got some sample pix to draw inspiration from.

They location was going to be in Naivasha in the wild. I am always excited with shoots that stray from the usual. Engagement shoot are still fairly new.

So we set out on the d day to the location with my assistant Paul.  Once there we took a small boat ride to crescent Island, which is a beautiful game park that overlooks Lake Naivasha. The only hiccup is the management, they could do with better customer service.

We set off doing different images on the varying locations. The couple were absolutely fantastic to work with, I hardly choreographed anything, anyway let me stop yapping and let you see how it went.


It was a great honour to photograph Nancy and Jonathan.


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