Patrick and Angela are good friends and I was excited to be shooting their wedding. In the planning, I knew I wanted something different, so in our discussions we decided instead of driving from the church to the photo shoot, we shall have them walk a bit of it through town. This had been inspired by my other good friends Wambui and Macharia, who I also shot their wedding

I hadn’t planned on doing most of the images black and white or dual tone, but I found I liked the way they looked, so I kept them that way.

It was a great team to work with, I had a blast, hope they did as well :-), here are the images. Enjoy and leave your comments.

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  1. Shana 

    You have really captured the essence of this couple with such few yet intimate pictures. Trully lovely, even had a tear at the mum tearing bit.

  2. Hanisa 

    Allan, These are great pics of Angie and Pato….I actually know Angie and a few of the bridal team.

    Can i get your contacts?i would be intrested to know your packages are segmented….

    Good job and very creative!!!


  3. Sheiller Malonket 

    Oh my goodness!! Never seen such beautiful pictures!! Allan, whoever you are, you are too good! I will look for you! Wonderful work, I am lost for words!! Congratulations Pato and Angie!
    …………Allan, you are good!!!!!

    • Allan G. 

      Hehe thank you so much Sheiller, I am very humbled :-), really appreciate the support. Pato and Angie made it effortless to photograph them 🙂