This was a lovely wedding, in which we synced with the couple Chris and Eva from the first time we met. They wanted something different and when they mentioned a hanger as the photo shoot venue, I almost shed a tear of joy :-). I like different, I am always at a loss with just green gardens.

This wedding was a collabo with Mr. Japicha himself(Kevin Ouma) who inspired and directed some of the classroom shots. So find the images from the wedding below, leave me your feedback.

Congratulations to Chris and Eva.




Ps. The image below is  how we were able to achieve the runway shot. Thanks Kevo for being the stand :-). There is also a strobe camera left, that was to light the plane, altho it kept misfiring.

As for the last shot that was painful , the way I cut out the bride, would have been such a great shot Sigh!

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  1. Luci S 

    Excellent Excellent Job … I am your greatest fan, you know that, don’t you? God bless you lots Allan G. And yeah, great concept … the wedding sites for your shots have never ceased to amaze me …. exceptionally unique and with a great photographer, the effect is awesome.

    Congratulations to Eva and Chris and God bless.

    • Allan G. 

      Amen Lucy, I really appreciate and i am humbled at your comments. Hoping to keep pushing the bar to greater heights. Thank you

  2. Sam G 

    Allan G. Never disappoints. I like it and the excellence is always top notch. Cant wait for our wedding..You will do my photography! Keep up the great work.