Alex is the current Director of APHRC. The brief had been to do a portrait of him, that they could use in publications and so on. We had an hour or so  in total slotted for the shoot. I knew we had little time to play around with different settings, so it was to work fast and smart. So the first location was his office. For this one we just went in cold, since we couldn’t set up before and call him in. So we did quick set ups in his office.

I have found it really helps to make conversation and researched about the person you are shooting to make them at ease. This helps the subject be at ease and the photos are more relaxed and the subject is willing to go an extra mile. Here is what I got from the office shots.









So the next thing I wanted to do was push for some portraits on the corridor. This was what took the longest time to set up and all, yet it’s the least  favourite from the batch.

Then Finally, I went to scout for location outdoor and decided to shoot some stuff out there. I was going to go for larger than life look. This was shot with one speed light with a diffuser, off camera.









This wasn’t enough, wanted something where he separated from the building and was against the sky.

Tip: Have someone stand in for your different set ups and call in the person at the absolute finish when you are ready. Leave me your feedback.