So this was my first 3 day wedding, we were to kick off with Greek wedding, then followed by traditional garden wedding and finally last day a chill out mode. Since I am always excited at new challenges and adventures, I signed up for it. So day one we set out and shot the preparations and then went for the ceremony at the Othordox church. I was so excited about the whole thing, however my first shock lay in wait. The aisles had been decorated with candles and flowers, the couple insisted they want the main church lights off, and no flash photography. I mean I like ambient light but only problem was the ceremony was at 5pm.

Afterwards there was a dinner, where I got to sample Russian Cuisine and I absolutely loved it, I must give props to chef Eric, Every bite was just heavenly!

After that it was time to party! that went on till 3am. Here are the images from day one.

Day 2

This was to be a traditional ceremony at Crescent island in Naivasha. I have shot in Crescent island and I must say it is simply astonishing! Worth checking out when you are down in Naivasha. So we got there for around noon. The preparations carried on and the ceremony kicked off at 5. The bride was to be flown in to the venue, so we did shots of her just before she boarded the plane. Unfortunately I got to the other side a few minutes too late, so missed her coming off the plane and riding a white horse to the venue. However this was well covered by my second shooter Julian. The ceremony went well and was beautiful and a pleasure to shoot. After that we went back to the hotel, Kongoni. There was dinner and after that, yep you guessed it PARTY! till morning.

Day 3

So with little or no sleep we went out for Day 3 shoot. This was very laid back setting, seeing that everyone was still very zoned out :-). This was more of landscapes and just taking in the beauty of the environment and it was at Crescent Island, Naivasha.

All in all, it was a challenging assignment, I hope the photos do it justice. Enjoy and leave me your feedback.


Many Thanks

Allan G

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  1. Sue 

    AMAZING!! You really take some nice photos! and Julian shot my wedding so I know how good he is as well! Very beautiful bride, makes me want to get married all over again!! aaaah! Super!

    • Allan G. 

      Thank you Sue, I am humbled. Oh so Julian shot your wedding? Yes he is very cool, like working with him :-). Much appreciated for the feedback

  2. Linda K 

    Crescent island takes your breath away. These photos transport you there…and beyond. Good job Allan! Scratch that…excellent job!

    • Allan G. 

      Thank you Ben :-), by the way story ya wedding yako. If I am around/available I will cover on the house πŸ™‚