So on this day I decided I will ride to the venue, Mike ‘Katts’ tried to warn me, but  thought I was the wiser one. So the groom was preparing somewhere way past Kikuyu. A few things I had not put in mind, early morning, kikuyu side equals a bloody cold morning! I met up with Paul my assistant who decided to come minus a jacket. I have never been that cold, at some point I wanted to stop the bike and light a bonfire by the roadside! By the time we got there, hand was frozen to the accelerator and foot kept changing gears involuntarily!

So anyway after drinking loads of tea, asking for extra sweaters we started shooting. We were shooting with a great team of Mwarv and Jemedari media, (though Mwarv was on Bride’s side) so it was bound to be a great day. The groom Kash was brilliant and very easy going, so on our way to the church we stopped by the roadside and did some shots. Totally random stuff, the whole team of groomsmen were great, they were all happy to jump in. After that we got to the church, we had a bit of time so I had my routine, soak in the sun, at least the brain to defrost and the hands to start functioning.  The wedding ceremony went well, Wilfred and Patricia are deeply in love and hopefully my images bring that out :-).

Reception is always the place you get prepared to be a second shooter as the main photographers (guys with I pads and phones take over), this was well contained and it ran smoothly. At the end of the ceremony we decided to have a shoot that was inspired from my Kungfu days. I am sure you remember those video halls when growing up(the young turks like me) where you would pay 10 bob and go watch a film, that even had a live narrator. He would be like ‘ Onee Bruce lee akasema huaa, utakiona..” Nyingez who I think shared similar movie halls helped bounce ideas. This concept quickly caught on like wildfire to the rest of the team and they all helped to make it come to life. Thank you guys.

Mwarv my good friend froze timeless pieces, please check out his images here

Finally this was the A team, including Pat and Kash who without them and their energy would not have made it possible.

The A-Team


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