Pett and Robert are good friends, they live in UK. So as we normally chat, Rob mentioned he was getting married in July, ( in passing) as we were discussing spare parts or something in that line. He said he would like me to cover it. (So I just nodded like the way cool people do :-), like it was no biggie he he)  then forgot about it, I only started panicking in June when I was still chasing after the Visa and everything else had been set. My dad was in even more panic mode than I was. I must say cutting it close has it’s thrills and nightmares.Finally got over to Oxford, unlike the usual British weather, which is super unpredictable this time round it’s been nice and sunny. On that day it was 32 degrees! Loads of sunshine and heat, which draws loads of beauties on the road, but thats not the point of this post.

The ceremony was in a nice traditional church, I spent better part of the time worrying if I would be chased off for going to the front and all. Luckily I wasn’t, in fact they were quite liberal in how they let me go up to the front and behind the Father. And even more exciting I got to shoot with my dad who is a photographer as well.

After that we headed to the reception which had been wonderfully done and majority of the family and friends who couldn’t come to the service joined in at that point. Though unlike Kenya where you gate crush and as you are serving food you ask whose wedding it is for.  This one even had name tags, I suppose it’s the UK style.

Luckily since it’s the summer, the sun takes forever to go down, which is great, so we had the photo shoot much later around 9pm. As tradition I like to move away from the normal stuff , I had them walk on the streets. There was so many locations, I wanted to shoot all night! but because it was late in the day most guys were beat, so we did some few here and there. Anyway enough of my blabbing here are the images from that day. Let me know your thoughts..

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