I had the privilege of going to Leer in Unity State, when i was filming a documentary for Save the children. Now the rains had started and so there were no flights direct to Leer, so we had to stop over in Rubkhona and drive to Leer. I must say Leer is pretty remote, I also had no idea how expansive South Sudan is. The drive down wasn’t as exciting since it’s very rough. Leer gets cut off every year due to rains and is only accessible after the rains when it dries up and the road are usable again.

I got this image of elderly Nuer elder sitting outside, the house. I liked his features. This image was shot with natural light. My settings were f2.5 at 1/4000sec with Iso 1250 It was shot on a 50mm on a full frame camera.


Let me know your thoughts.

A Nuer elder sits outside his house, Leer, South Sudan