Now these guys we go way back ..back into time. ( where is this quote from?)  Anyway  back to my story, we were in Daystar together, it seems just like the other day, but after counting its over 6 years. Maybe it explains why I go to clubs and I am short of asking the DJ to reduce the volume.

From back then it was always Suzie and Muas. I remember they would come hang out in our neighborhood from time to time. Our neighborhood was of course the woodley apartments aka Visions. where you could have a full conversation with the neighbor through the walls(wooden).

We’ve kept in touch with Suzie and Muas through the years. So I was elated to hear I was going to shoot their wedding.

On the day I got picked up by Pauline, who I think just missed out on the auditions for the rally. But she was great. We dropped off the second photographer Wamoyo. Mwangi and Ryan were already dressed. ( a slight whiff/indication of nervousness)

We got to Suzie’s on time, she was also more or less dressed, and everyone was very relaxed which is rather unusual.

Then we went to the ceremony, where Mindo (the groom) was waiting anxiously. The ceremony soon commenced and went well. I think there were some dust particles in the air near the alter because Muas kept touching his eyes. He even had to be given a hankie. The ozone nowadays  can be so polluted :-).  There were some whispers that it could also be called Ruto moment. ;).

Without further ado, here are the images from the day. Enjoy ooh and leave feedback :-).

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  1. Joan 

    Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful… Mwas CRIED!!!!! Suzy was super super smiles…. They were amazingly happy….. OH… I think your pics are awesome too… So so happy for you guys

  2. Pauline 

    It was my pleasure and honour. Truly humbling to stand by my brother and my friend. Great work Allan! Congratulations Suzzie and Mwas!

  3. Terry 

    It was a great honor to have Allan shoot our wedding, We love what you did to give us memories of such a beautiful day. This is a gift that we wil treasure Allan, you are a brother and a friend. The Mwangi’s are trully greatful.