This was a great wedding, it was in Diani. The couple hired a big van and we had a road trip down to coast with the couples family and friends. I was the designated DJ since I was riding front, so we had some cool old school music(or so i hope) playing most of the trip. We got lost at some point but it was all good, the music made us mellow out.

Once we got to Diani, we were informed we(Paul and I) would be dropped first to our hotel. At this point I was already bracing for some lodging or something. Coming from past experiences we have had some really odd accommodation set ups. Lets just say I/we were pleasantly surprised. So we alighted and went into the hotel, which was the Diani Reef beach resort and spa- fantastic place!

Later we went out and met with the the couple and whole team partying away till wee hours. Luckily the wedding was on next day at 4. On the  morning of the wedding, it was nice and chilled, the set up was by the beach, it looked stunning. Ken started off to the ceremony by the beach. He was in grey wearing sandals, alongside his best man. Guests were seated at the set up by the beach. Gathoni was then preceded by her children with the son holding a placard saying here comes the bride. The ceremony was nice and short and intimate, overlooking the beautiful beach.

After that we went to the reception, a few meters away, which Rajesh (a hotel manager) and his colleagues had set up and had done a fantastic job. It looked amazing and I hope the images did it justice.

As always for me one of the highlights of the wedding is the food, this one was top notch. They moved away from the usual meals. The meals were served by the beach. The ambience was amazing, Sigh! good times.

After reception and first dance, the party continued. This was a great weekend/wedding gateway that absolutely everyone had a blast. Congratulations to Ken and Gathoni and thank you for a great weekend. 🙂

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