Safaricom had this challenge where they picked 5 different photographers and asked them to go different parts of Kenya capturing the beauty of Kenya. The images would then be selected to make the 2014 calendar. I was one of the lucky few who got selected. My area was western Kenya, to be honest other than the lake I had no idea what to expect when I went out to shoot.

I had a great team of Lilian(producer), Kevin(blogger), Titus(location scout), Mark( driver), it was such a great team to work with! And the images we got were communal, everyone took ownership.

And so those were 7 days of epic adventure of early mornings, meeting new people, chasing the sun. It was a great project in the end.

Safaricom then held a launch at the Michael Joseph center in Safaricom House, waiyaki way, Nairobi.  where our images are still being exhibited for the next two weeks. Best part it’s free entry so, if you have a moment check it out.

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