I was riding in town a while back, when I saw this biker in front of me, we rode for a while in same direction, then I pulled him over, we chatted and exchanged contacts. That’s where our friendship started and later introduced him to friends of TA. To our fallen brother Asif who rode out too soon, rest well my brother.

Last big ride we did together was to Namanga, which was amazing and fun. Even through my accident he would regularly check up on me, and I am sure anyone who got a chance to interact with him could see what a bubbly personality he had.  Unfortunately the freak accident happened and he went to be with the angels. The Biker family came together in a huge number to give him a send off and support the family. Even in death we remain united.

To Doc, keep up the good fight. Here are images from Asif’s final bow.


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  1. Gp Edwin Taylor 

    Well done Allan…

    Asif lives on in our hearts and mind….personally he gave me a Helmet for my pillion…just as a gift of appreciation to hosting Tribe on GBS Tv …but out of our interactions… he didn’t sell it. I will always appreciate his big heart for everyone he came across…

  2. Tamim Bhaiji 

    A big thank you to all the bikers that came out to send off our brother Asif. I’m sure he would have appreciated it a lot. Asante from the whole Taibjee family and friends.

  3. Akawire 

    Very sorry for this painful loss. My condolences to the family and much appreciation to our brothers who helped us see him off today. You continue to inspire us all Asif.

  4. BladeDoc 

    ASIF said he wants to ride like BladeDoc… In our last chat he said “FOUR WHEELS MOVE THE BODY…TWO WHEELS MOVE THE SOUL”… you are gone too soon. ASIF, you are in a better place….and so that you know, ‘I WANT A HEART LIKE YOURS’ RIP bro!!

  5. Mustafa T. Hassanali 

    Although we lived far apart from each other..coastarian friends sends hearfelt condolences to asif’s family, relatives and nairobi friends/bikers.
    we will never forget the wonderfull time we had together during the hajj pilgrimage.

    hajj family

  6. musa 

    The Prophet (peace and blessings of
    Allah be upon him) said: “Pray for
    forgiveness for your brother and ask
    that he be made steadfast, for now
    he is being questioned.”
    And he (peace and blessings of
    Allah be upon him) said: “When
    you offer the (funeral) prayer for
    the deceased, then make du’aa’
    sincerely for him.”
    may Allah grant him jannah.

  7. Derrick 

    We never let our brothers ride alone into the after life, we give him a proper send off. RIP Asif Taibjee. You were a man with a good heart and your spirit will live on in your family and daughters.

  8. Kwasi 

    Rest In Peace Asif. I am proud to have known you in the brief time that I did. You were a kind and wonderful soul. You will be missed. May the goold Lord keep you in eternal peace and watch over those of us you have left behind. Until we ride together again brother. Amen.

  9. Paul 

    My condolences to the entire Taibjee family. He was surely loved and will be greatly missed. Great support by the bikers community and sorry for your loss.

  10. Kamal Kaur 

    The goosebumps came first, then the tears. What a beautiful send off. My deepest condolences to the family and huge respect for our biking community. Bless. Xx

  11. mufaddal Rampuri 

    My heartiest condolences to our dear brother who left us an have entered the angels world. May God rest his soul in peace .

  12. jams 

    All I say. May allah rest his soul in jannah. He has gone to his final destination. Whr therevis no pain. Our prayers for his wife n children. Allah give them strenght to overcme the tragedy. Our prayers for the entire fmly of the deceased. Allah bless u all.

  13. Shiraz Karimjee (London) 

    Great tribute to my cousin Asif May Allah grant him jannah, and may Allah give strength to his family.

  14. Adnan manasawala 

    We miss you asif bhai, you were a hero and you will always be a hero for all and also your daughters and my sister sakina ben. Hearty condolance to taiyabjee family RIP bhai

  15. tasneem bootwala 

    Kindness+couragous+happiness+positiveness+brave+awesome+generous+loyal+encourager+actor+one of a kind = ASIF TAIBJEE I will miss u loads I promise I will support sakina nisreen and new born emotionally practically mentaly nd on every step of life with my whole heart and soul till my last breath your sister tasneem bootwala