I recently had the opportunity to visit the Bahamas. Let me start by saying  the sea looks like a giant pool, the water is so beautiful and clear. Great turquoise color. Stunning! Absolutely stunning even for me who water more than a bathtub is scary.

On the Bahamian archipelago of Exuma sits Big Major Cay (also known as Pig Island and Major Cay). Legend has it that sailors dropped the pigs off on the island with the intention of coming back to eat them, but never returned. Now the pigs essentially rule the roost (get it?) on what’s been called Pig Beach. – Huffington post

On one of the days we went out to pig Island. There are wild pigs that roam on this island and most incredibly swim out to sea to meet you as you approach on boat. It was beautiful to watch, I mean I couldn’t imagine seeing pigs swim in the ocean and here I was seeing it first hand. People normally give them treats and you could get chance to swim with them. A sting ray actually swam by as the pigs were receiving the food. The water is ridiculously clear.

Owing to my extensive swimming expertise (non existing). I figured I will hang around in the boat. Plus coming from Africa where if the word ‘wild’ is used in conjuction with animal, you had best stay at arms length or more. We haven’t groomed their friendliness to the right proportions yet :-).

Check out the swimming pigs below..

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