Recently I had the great opportunity to get an assignment I could only dream of, I got commissioned to go shoot a yacht down in the Bahamas. At this point I want to acknowledge David Mutua for being very understanding, (owe you one). Anyway, I was smiling ear to ear.

So finally it came round to travel for the assignment. At this point I need to mention Bahamas requires no visa you can just show up.  Which I did, so there I was in the queue as the only black dude  in queue , majority of the other black dudes were residents and had a separate queue. So my turn comes by and I say I am a tourist and all, it was a bit of a hard sell, with all the gear I had and tripods. So wham slapped with a work permit, in USD so the lady walks me to the ATM. At this point I am saying silent prayers since I left account at minimum operating balance. Then my host saw me and saved me from the Hymns and rituals I was to perform at the ATM machine.

I go into Bahamas and I am taken, to Miss Sunshine! A beautiful 124ft yacht, stunning to say the least. Her interiors can only be compared to a hotel room. It has a crew of 7 and has 5 State rooms. State rooms you ask.. yap thats what they call rooms. I will let the images do the talking at this point, has 3 floors of living space. The food was brilliant, I mean half the time I had no idea, what I was eating. At one point I realised I had an allergy for some certain cheese, after my lip swelled up immediately.  Anyway it was beautiful experience especially if you are into water sports.

Here is Sunshine and more about her here

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