Recently I got commissioned by Oxfam GB to cover their ambassador Laura Bailey, as she visited their projects in Kenya. Laura is a model and a writer for vogue magazine, who is also an ambassador for Oxfam. Here is her take of the trip. The projects run by Oxfam are mainly based in Mukuru Slum, which is one of the biggest slums in Nairobi, Kenya. We visited different projects that Oxfam either partnered or contributed to their project.

One that caught my eye the most was Sanergy’s project of putting up toilets in informal settlements. They brand their toilets as Fresh life. They have locals that run this as a subsidised business venture and the waste is recycled to make fertiliser. Providing sustainable sanitation in urban slums. You can read up on them here.

We also met women from Umande trust, that are advocating for women rights and pushing for issues like FGM to be abolished.

It was a great honour to work with the great Oxfam team, Lilyane, Fred, Kat and Edward by extension. It was a great honour to work with celebrity Laura Bailey on this assignment, we even got a chance to go to the game park, in between the busy schedule, thank you Laura :-).


Here are the images from the assignment.