Unfortunately this is yet another post of a lost brother, a fellow rider. I didn’t know him personally, but he has inspired many lives and people, it’s a shame I never got a chance to meet him in person.
Today we gathered in unison to lay flowers at the memorial site. It was an emotional time, encouraged by the brotherhood of bikers that grows stronger everyday. Bikers turned up in huge numbers to pay their respect.

It is my hope this is the last post I make of fallen heroes, that next time its of a more joyous occasion.

The Hulk rides on. RIP

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  1. Derrick 

    Thank you for capturing the moments Allan. I feel like I was there also, sending off our dear brother Matthew into the afterlife. May God rest his soul in eternal peace. Amen

  2. Shawn 

    Hulk brought so many happy moments in our life and left us with a treasure trove of memories. We will never be able to forget him. We are praying for his family in this difficult time. May his soul rest in peace. Ride with the angels.

  3. Pato! 

    Thanks Allonzo.
    At times life’s realities can be so overwhelming, heavy and almost hopeless. But when all seems so dark, murky & we’ve hit rock bottom…In the words of Beatrice Thairu, like a Phoenix, we rise again!

  4. Wairimu Macharia 

    didnt know him at a personal level, but I was lucky enough to meet him and have a conversation with him. he was the kindest and most humble. he has earned his angel wings… Ride on Hulk.

  5. Ann 

    I worked with Asif Taibjee years ago, and it was a shock to hear about his sudden death. I would never have imagined that Ombaye Getui – a neighbour and Matthew – husband of one of my colleagues would follow soon after. May they all rest in peace.

    To all bikers, please work on having a proper racing track…our roads are so darn unsafe for all of us, but especially for bikers.