Thought I would write a review of this hotel I stayed in, while on assignment in Diani, Kenya.

I must say my opinion of Leopard Beach Resort prior to my visit was pretty low. I had stayed in neighbouring hotels, but hadn’t gotten a chance to be at leopard beach resort. Well, lets just say my mind was changed – I was blown away!

We arrived on an afternoon, I was still skeptical but while checking in at the reception we were informed that we had been upgraded. I didn’t think much of it, and seeing as we were tired/hungry we left our bags at the reception and went into Diani town to look for local food only to return much later in the evening. Thats when we got to see the rooms! They are amazing to say the least!

The villas are situated just after the main gate and narrow carbro roads lead up to a series of villas on beautifully manicured lawns. I have no idea how many villas there are in that compound, but the way they have been set up you don’t get the feeling of congestion. Each villa has its own compound and perimeter wall. The key opens the front gate, front door and the room into the villa. Picture your self in the suburbs, but next to the beach, thats the feeling you get.

We got in and my jaw dropped, it had a beautiful aqua blue swimming pool outside, and the best part about the pool, its just about 1.3m deep. So people like me who are more anchors rather than floaters can enjoy the water without fear. If you’d like to enjoy some drinks by the pool there is a small patio furnished with table and seats and on either side of the pool, there are pool side lounge chairs.

Inside the villa, a corridor opens out to the three luxurious rooms. The walls are painted white, with the curtains, carpet and furnishing highlighting the room with colour and character. As well all the rooms have nice big windows allowing for plenty of light. It works quite welI I must say, giving the house a minimalistic styling and an upmarket feel. Additionally, it has a common room/lounge fully furnished with a dining table section, if you should want to sit down. The windows to the lounge overlook the pool.

I must have swam during most of my free time and the privacy factor is what made the villa that much special, its like your own getaway. And, no this is not a sponsored post, just appreciating something beautiful. Check out more of Leopard Beach resort here.

I also had a chance to check out the spa, which is well furnished and very nice. I think it was called the Uzuri spa.