So recently I stumbled upon a beautiful little Gem called the Thayu Farm Hotel. It is situated in Tigoni area. As you travel to the place (using banana route) you drive or ride(in my case) through amazing beautiful tea farms, very scenic I tell you.

When you walk into the reception you are met with this open style lounge that sits pretty high in the garden and overlooks the garden. The styling is minimalistic, (could be completely wrong, it just sounds like I know what I am on about). Further down is the building that hosts the restaurant. It dates back to pre independence. They have maintained the look and feel of it to date. It has a lovely balcony/porch that one can sit and look out into the garden.



The gardens are amazing! very well manicured and just beautiful to look at. There are some benches and tables, so one can sit out there and take in all the nature and beauty.  The air is amazingly fresh, I had forgotten what that feels like. It has numerous trees so one can sit under a shade and relax, appeals very much to my laid back coasto persona.



Accommodation is available, there are regular rooms and some gorgeous cottages that have been built to emulate the cylindrical feel of huts. Very nice and spacious. I saw that they have a kitchen so, unlike me if you are adventurous, you can attempt to cook for yourself :-). They even have two cows in the compound, with names :-). Found that  quite interesting, I suppose you can’t pull any nyama choma jokes about those cows :-).





For the people searching for venues for weddings I think this would be ideal and its not over used. Ok enough about my yapping check it out here. I was met by lovely host Wangui and Olive and taken round and most importantly shown trees like the Mugumo tree. I admit I had no clue how it looked like. The thing I found intriguing is the passion in which they spoke about the place and the farm. Education for town boys like me, now if only they taught how to milk the cow.