This was the other day, woke up to darkness courtesy of yours truly KPLC. I rely on Elec a lot to function as I have realised. So in my bored state thought, why not do a shoot, I had this Softbox I had just received, was curious what sort of light it produces. Then I remembered once upon a time we had spoken with Scott about doing a shoot. Scott is an amazing violinist, if you get a chance to hear him play, you will be blown away. Find out more about him here. So called him up and he was game. Now the next thing was to look for a location. So called up one of the great location manager I know, Sam Bodo, and he linked me up to his friend Jonathan. I was also able to rope in my friend Katts(Mike) to join, he is an amazing videographer/editor/ graphics(I am sure there is something I have left), secretly I also needed someone to drive the car :-).

We had to wait for Scott to finish a gig he had. Then we headed off to Rongai our destination, met up with Jonathan who is an advocate by profession but is always ropped in into shoots. Its just a matter of time before he moves camp to our side 🙂 After a bit of driving he suggested we carpool in his car, as the road might get a bit rough where we were headed. Boy was he right! I have never seen any Subaru take on such off road challenge, I think even the off roaders would struggle to match Jonathan. He was amazing, there are areas I would even question going on foot. Jonathan is ready for rhino charge.

Anyway due to my exemplary time keeping skills coupled up with the others :-), we got there 6:20pm. Quickly assembled the kit, by the time we did the first photo it was fairly dark. In no time it  got completely dark.

Below you can see Katts flexing his muscles with the softbox. (told him its easier to use weights) and Scott doing his thing.


We were able to get one image in


On the other side the moon was looking amazing, so turned to that side to try and grab a few images

Then it got too dark or at least I thought it was. I didn’t want to have a lit subject and a dark background, So i decided to up the Iso lower my shutter and try and use a faster lens. The moon was out, so it wasn’t too dark. I got to 6400 iso, never been this high before. The flash and softbox had to be on minimal power and further out, so not to overpower the ambient. Due to the darkness getting focus was quite the headache. So we had to put our mobile phones to good use, as you can clearly see in the image below, Thanks Jonathan.and finally after all our hard work, and stepping on thorns. Ladies and gentlemen our image of the night.



Many thanks to Scott, Katts, Jonathan, Sam for making this happen and being able to accommodate my loose plans. Planning on doing a video, keep an eye out.

Here is a recap of the images in a gallery.

So who is free for a random shoot ?