This was a very impromptu plan, luckily I had my gear with me, so I figured I might as well snap a photo or two of the don himself, Mr Salif Keita. The venue was Bomas of Kenya, it had a very beautiful setting, the ambience was great, there was nice piping music filling the air, as you walked in before you got to the main arena. Its a shame I couldn’t capture on camera the ambience as it was too dark for the camera.

The main arena, was beautifully set out, with an amazing stage and sound setup, thanks to Mo Sound (these guys mean business), I think I am a fan.

James Gogo and the Gogo Simo band were the opening act, they got the crowd in high spirits and excited, before ushering Salif Keita. As you would expect he never disappoints!

The instruments for me were the killer, there was this guy who had a harp, nyatiti looking thing (I really don’t know what its called). He was freaking amazing!!! That dude can play, and its beautiful unique sound, unlike what you get from the guitar, its a beautiful blend. I would actually pay just to go hear him play as well. Now combine that maestro with amazing backup singers and an amazing band, with the beautiful and unique voice of Salif Keita, its pure bliss!

Ladies and gentlemen, Salif Keita in safaricom Jazz festival. Enjoy