On the social media front, I seem to only have figured out Facebook and remained loyal to it, and of course whats app well the latter is mainly because of convinience/affordability.  So you can imagine the excitement when I was given an opportunity to work with Facebook. The vice president of Facebook for Europe, Middle east and Africa, Nicola Mendelson was making a trip to Kenya. I got the opportunity to shadow her. I got an opportunity to meet again one of the coolest people I have worked with Anna Bishop :-).

I mean their presence kinda gave me pressure to update my Instagram account, seeing its been very dormant and  that small little matter that I am a photographer.  Anyway I digress, this trip had her and the team meet with various stakeholders in the society. People who used Facebook for their businesses, social campaign, community service. The likes of Akira chix an outreach program to get women into technology and positively impacting the community. Eneza education, a virtual tutor and teachers assistant on low cost mobile, you can find out more about it here. We had lunch with Pete of Pete’s coffee, if ever you want to try out great Mexican food and coffee, you should give this a try. This was over at I hub. We also had a chance to meet my friend Boniface Mwangi, over at PAWA254, who walked us through his journey and had a meet and greet with Kenya’s Social media enthusiasts, the likes of my friend Syoks at the PAWA254 rooftop. They team was also thoroughly impressed by Mpesa and how it works, went ahead to purchase a phone and top up, so as to see how Mpesa works and use whats app. Anyway before I bore you to death here are the highlights from the trip.