This is a project by the Mpesa foundation. They are building a dam in Kwale district, deep inside one of the small centres. the people lack access to clean water. I got to learn a lot, majority of these homesteads are women led. Most of the men are either around and just hanging around or are drunks.


We drove from Kwale town, through Shimba hills and said good bye to tarmac as we headed deep into the heart of one of the towns in Kwale county. Past a town called Kinango. finally we arrived at the homestead of the lady we were to follow. She was very warm and welcoming. Her name is Lola, and Lola is a hardworking lady, despite all the hardships, she was always in high spirits. This is a glimpse of a day in the life of Lola.

DSC_5228 DSC_5246 DSC_5249

The dam was still under construction at the time of the shoot, it should be ready soon. It will help immensely families like Lola and the people of the surrounding area.  Great job by Mpesa foundation under parent company Safaricom, on making a real difference on peoples lives.