So the other day, (I use the word other day loosely. As I learnt growing up in the coast, words like juzi, which means the other day could spun as far back as four years. So I got this email, for an assignment for Daimler Mercedes from Germany. I thought it was a hoax at first, a few back and forths on email, it was confirmed. Of course I was super excited working for PRH Hamburg, which is one of the magazines that handles Mercedes among other clients.


PRH Hamburg, sent one of their guys called, Christian. A super cool dude, very nice and chilled and great guy to work with. So come the d-day, I decide to take out the car, that has been gathering dust at the parking because its always abandoned in favour of motorbike. I gave it a good clean, so I am not judged by other road users, given it had like 50 wash me’s scribbled on it, and had accumulated quite some character i.e. dust. Personally, I look at it as a canvas for the young artists (children) to find their true art and they need a canvas. Oh did I mention that the car is manual, and I still struggle with balancing. So as I am pulling in to the hotel, I find this hill (hills are from the devil on a manual car!). there was slow moving traffic so mid point trying to go up, I stall, i try going up a few times, unsuccessfully. finally i just accelerate like a mad man, let go of the clutch and somehow I make it up. Clutch smelling everywhere as I was short of burning it and this is my first meeting with Christian.


Daimler Mercedes

On this assignment I am joined by the talented and interesting friend of mine Skubi, the assignment is in Eldoret. I must say my eyes were opened on how many Mercedes trucks ply our roads, particularly around Eldoret. We were put up in the Boma inn hotel, absolutely amazing hotel with great service. For part one of this assignment, we were covering Josje, who is an engineer from Daimler Mercedes and is sent across the world to look after and service their customers trucks. In Kenya he runs a training camp, training young men on how to do repairs and diagnostics on Mercedes trucks. The trainees are provided by DT dobie the local dealer in Mercedes trucks. They were doing a service camp for the customers to have their truck s diagnosed and then they can book them in for service.

We used to go to this petrol station that had a joint for pizza. One of the waitresses was tgreat defination of black beauty with a smile that would make you smile every time she smiles. reminds me of the social experiment by Coca Cola here. Lets just say we ate a lot of lunches there.

Anyway here is the first part of the series from the service camp, you can also see it here